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Contract Review

Nearly 20 Years of Big Firm experience at Small Firm Rates

Business & Fiduciaries: Practices

Estate & Trust Litigation

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Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation

Creditor Claims

Trust Interpretation

Testamentary Capacity


Litigating trust and estate matters is different than other litigation. The probate process is full of quirks and pitfalls that we can help manage and guide. Let us be your partner in administering trusts and estates.

We’ve been representing banks, fiduciaries, and beneficiaries for more than 12 years. You can count on our experience to guide you through the probate process and to prosecute or defend against claims and actions effectively and efficiently.

Business Litigation

Signing a Contract

Contract Disputes

Business Disputes

Defending Lawsuits

Enforcing Your Rights

Foreclosures (Residential & Commercial)

Clayton Thomas LLC will help protect your interests and rights. We get to know you and your business. We bring 20 years of big law-firm experience to the table, having represented Fortune 100 companies and some of the top five banks in the country, as well as local businesses and banks.

Big-firm experience at small-firm rates.

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